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What Does A Window Installation Include?

A window installation from The Window Source of Houston includes removal of your existing windows, replacement with new vinyl or aluminum frame windows, cleanup, and a lifetime warranty.

Your windows are one of the most noticeable features on the exterior of your home. The color, style, and type of windows you install tell a lot about your personality as well. When you install replacement windows in Houston, it’s like a makeover for your home. It’s similar to how you go about the interior design of your home—it’s a representation of your style. Your home will tend to have the same characteristics that make you the unique person you are. Additionally, when you get replacement windows in Houston, you’re adding curb appeal and value to your home.

With so many homeowners considering selling their homes in this hot seller’s market, shopping for replacement windows in Houston makes perfect sense. Even the slightest upgrade to your home right now can mean thousands in property value gains. New energy-efficient windows are one of the smartest investments you can make to get that extra value. Not just from an aesthetic perspective, but also in regards to saving money by making the home more efficient. That is always a big selling point for potential buyers.

For example, if you still have the windows in your home that were installed when it was built, they’re probably contractor windows. That’s another word for cheap windows—and you know, cheap isn’t good, and good isn’t cheap.

Replacement Windows In Houston Make Sense and Cents

Contractor windows are the bottom-of-the-line windows that do just enough to function as a window. As for efficiency? They’re horrible and leak air like a sieve which means your HVAC in Houston summers works that much harder.

In fact, in homes with contractor windows, the energy loss from the windows alone is upwards of 75%—that means soaring utility bills. That’s why getting replacement windows in Houston makes sense across the board. Not to mention, the process couldn’t be any easier with The Window Source.

What To Expect With Houston Replacement Windows Installation

When you make a significant upgrade to your home such as replacement windows in Houston, you’re expecting the best service. At The Window Source of Houston, we deliver on service and make installation day a breeze. The process is detailed—we don’t take shortcuts. It’s a clean job—you won’t even know we were there when all is said and done. Our team is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient, most installs are done right in one day!

Before We Get Started

Before we start on your replacement window installation, our install team lays out the process for you. We also let you know what we need from you to help make it as smooth as possible. There will be a walkthrough of your property beforehand to get a lay of the land and make note of any obstacles and challenges. Once the process is over, we do another walkthrough, but this one is to let you see your windows and show you the features. We want to make sure you are nothing less than thrilled with our work and that you know how to operate your new windows.

Installation Time

Installation, assuming there are no extenuating circumstances, takes no longer than a day in most homes. In fact, in some cases, it can take even less if you’ve already prepped your home for the install team. That means doing things like:

  • Removing obstacles from window install sites
  • Containing pets and children so they don’t enter the work area
  • Moving furniture inside away from windows about a foot, to give our installers room
  • Keeping fragile items away from install locations

Now, even if you do that, there are situations where installs can take more time. Two-story homes, for example, require special safety gear and hoists. This naturally adds to the process and sometimes can take two days to complete. This also goes for homes with a lot more windows than the average Houston home.

The Process

When you buy replacement windows in Houston, the quality of the installation is just as crucial as the quality of the windows. Our installers are handpicked from some of the best in the industry with decades of combined experience. There’s not a challenge, obstacle, or odd circumstance they haven’t encountered and overcome when it comes to installs. You can rest assured you’re in good hands.

Once the initial walkthrough is complete, the process is pretty routine. We remove your windows and existing trim. Then we clean out any leftover caulk and broken seals to reveal a clean install location.

We install your new windows which include securing and sealing the frame, caulking everything in, and cleaning up. Of course, after removing all those windows, you can imagine there’s a lot of trash. Not to worry, as we leave your home clean and haul off all the trash for you. It’s like we were never there—except for those amazing new windows.

The last stage is a final walkthrough with our lead installer. This is where we show you all the features of your new windows. We go through how to maintain them, keep them clean, and how to operate them. Once we get your approval on the installation we’ve done and answered any questions you have, our work is done.

Then, it’s all on you. the longevity of your windows and keeping them looking great is up to you to care for them.

Maintaining Replacement Windows In Houston

So, once you’ve got your new windows in and you’re loving how the exterior looks much brighter—you want that to last. After all, you’ve invested a significant amount of your hard-earned income in these windows.

Since maintenance is crucial to keeping your windows performing right and looking good you’ll need to maintain them regularly. While they do have a lifetime warranty, that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from some TLC. Failing to maintain them will reduce performance such as opening and closing, so read on.

The good news is—that our windows are incredibly easy to maintain. Since they’re low maintenance by design and very durable, most maintenance is simple cleaning.

Cleaning The Frame

The interior frame of your windows doesn’t take much effort at all to clean. Keeping the frame clean and the channel lubricated ensures easy operation for decades. If you get some dirt built up in the frame, just take a sponge and dip it into a mix of water and dish soap.

Don’t use anything like Comet or other abrasives as they can scratch the finish. Wipe down the frame until it’s clean then go back over with a sponge of only water. If the windows feel tough to slide up and down here’s a secret tip:

Spray a VERY LIGHT amount of silicone-based lubricant into the channel then raise and lower the window a few times. This will work the lubricant throughout the channel and keeps the window friction down. Do this about every 6 months or as needed.

Keeping The Glass Clean

No matter what type of glass you’ve picked for your windows, you want to make sure it stays clean. Buildup on windows doesn’t necessarily affect the longevity or operation, but you didn’t spend your money on dirty glass, did you?

No, you want crystal clear glass that gives you maximum visibility and natural light. So, follow these quick tips to keep the glass looking new even 15 years later.

  • Keep It Simple — For the outside of the glass, mix 2 gallons of water and a teaspoon of dish soap—that’s it. No fancy sprays the home improvement stores will try to sell you—that’s a waste. Remove the screens first, they can be cleaned separately with the solution and a soft-bristle brush. Then, use a soft microfiber cloth or brush or go pro and use a pressure washer. Rinse the glass off with a spotless rinse you can buy from Lowe’s or Amazon. For the interior glass, our technicians really love Sprayway® glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth—both available at Walmart.
  • Be Gentle— Some cleaners contain substances such as ammonia that can damage the glass. Also, scrub pads and razor blades should not come anywhere near your windows. For stuck-on dirt or grime, a cheap pressure washer can be had for under $100. That will do the trick every time, just make sure to use a wide spray pattern.

Following these simple maintenance tips will keep your windows at the top of their game for years to come.

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