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What Do I Need To Know Before Buying New Windows?

Before your window consultation, it is recommended to have an idea of how many windows you would like to replace, the style, the frame color, and your budget.

If you are like many Houston homeowners, you’re feeling the pinch from this sharp rise in gas prices and overall inflation. One thing the high gas prices have taught us is to look harder at ways to become more energy efficient.

We plan out our trips to the grocery store with a bit more thought so we’re not wasting gas going back and forth to HEB. Some of us are scaling back on spring break road trips and considering getaway airfare deals instead. Many have even turned to carpooling and making use of public transportation for the first time.

Whatever we can do to hold on to a little more of our money and be more energy-efficient—we’re trying it. Improvements to make the home more efficient are a surging trend despite rising material costs. One of the most common projects that are trending is replacement windows in Houston and the surrounding areas.

While it might seem that spending money on replacement windows in Houston while inflation is surging is counterintuitive. However, The Window Source of Houston is well aware of the situation at hand. We have worked with our material suppliers to get preferred pricing on raw materials.

With our buying power, we can pass on some incredible deals to you, so that you can save on your utility bills. After all, with the way things are trending, we’re likely going to be in this economic cycle for a good while. So, let’s make the best of it while we can and while deals can still be had on replacement windows in Houston.

How To Choose The Right Replacement Windows In Houston

Are you ready to take advantage of our great financing deals available right now and buy new windows? If so, you want to make sure that you buy the right windows for your home. So, before your consultation, it’s good to have a general idea of what you need and want in your home.

There are many things you need to consider to get the right replacement windows in Houston. Our windows expert will make sure to cover all the bases. However, in the meantime, being prepared and thinking about the following will make for a smoother process.

Windows Should Match The Exterior Of Your Home

Take a look at the colors and style of your home’s exterior. Is it modern or contemporary? Colonial? Maybe it’s a Mediterranean motif. Whatever style your home is, the window frame and color should complement your home not clash with it.

You wouldn’t wear formal dress shoes with basketball shorts, would you? Cowboy boots with a wedding dre—ok wait, this IS Houston. Regardless, you get the idea, match styles, and colors and it will give your home greater curb appeal. The greater your curb appeal, the more valuable your home is should you ever sell.

There Is A Right Window And A Wrong Window For Every Room

Consider the rooms you are fitting with new replacement windows in Houston. How much natural light comes into the room? What directions do the existing windows face?

For example, if your living room gets an abundant amount of sunlight, a big bay window to make the space calming and warm. On the other hand, in your utility room, you may prefer a hinged window to allow a breeze.

Know The Desired Function For Each Window

When we say window function, we aren’t talking about opening the window or closing it. What we’re meaning is literally, “how will you use this window?” Is it mainly as an emergency escape in case of fire? Is it a basement or attic window?

These are things you need to communicate to your windows expert so we can outfit your home exactly as you want it.  You just need to be detailed when thinking about your windows. They do more than just let light pass through. Determine the main function for each window, it will make your buying experience that much more fulfilling.

Energy Efficiency Is The Difference Maker

The energy efficiency of the windows you choose is crucial to maintaining energy efficiency in your home.  Replacement windows in Houston play an important part in how much you spend on energy. You should look for windows that are at least double-paned with gas between the panes and Low-E glass.

Does that sound like a lot to remember? No worries, the good news is all of our windows come standard with all of those features. Our windows help block UV rays, and keep the heat out in summer and cold out in winter.

Maintenance Should Be Easy

The key to your windows lasting a lifetime is how well you maintain and clean them. Not just the panes, but the channels, the seals, and all points in between. Windows are mechanical components, they need to be taken care of.

But some cheap windows make cleaning and maintaining windows difficult. Not The Window Source replacement windows. Our double-hung windows allow you to clean the outside of your windows from inside your house. That’s as easy as window maintenance can get!

What To Expect At Your Consultation For Replacement Windows In Houston

The purpose of the in-home consultation is to help you choose the windows that are a good fit for your home and meet your desires within your budget.

Our windows expert will sit down with you and ask what your needs are, then what your wants are from your new windows. They’ll do a quick walk around with you to see where each window would be installed and make notes of style, color, and surrounding materials.

When we’re trying to determine the right windows for your home, we base our suggestions on many factors, including:

  • Which materials (vinyl, wood, or composite) are best suited for your home’s environment?
  • Which window features are most important to you?
  • What window style works best in your home?
  • Which colors work best with your home’s look and architecture?

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The best way to avoid getting windows you aren’t happy with or don’t match your home’s style is to wait for the pros.

The Window Source of Houston has served neighborhood homeowners like yourself with great reviews. Our attention to detail, prompt customer service, and clean installations are what drive our corporate culture.

Contact us to book your free window replacement consultation and take advantage of some of the best deals in the industry!

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