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What Types Of Windows Do You Install?

The Window Source of Houston offers 100% vinyl windows as well as thermally broken aluminum frame windows.

Replacement windows in Houston can be found with a simple Google search where you’ll turn up at least a dozen window companies. Now, not all window companies are alike, nor are their windows. You have to do your due diligence when shopping for replacement windows in Houston. If you don’t, you may wind up overpaying for substandard windows. Most window companies in Houston focus on the quality of their windows as they want to earn a good reputation. However, there is also a surprising amount of companies that just want to sell as much as they can, even if the quality is not good. These types of window companies will usually have some kind of gimmick such as a “$99.00 window deal,” or use high-pressure sales tactics. Typically, those $99.00 windows are the bare minimum in terms of quality. Additionally, you come to find out there are a lot of hidden expenses you don’t find out about until the day of your installation. We don’t operate like that here at The Window Source of Houston. We are veteran owned and operated and we stake our reputation on being honest and fair. The windows we sell here are top-tier quality, guaranteed for life, and our installations are efficient and clean.

What Are The Best Replacement Windows In Houston Made Of?

Our most popular replacement windows are constructed from 100% virgin vinyl. These windows will operate at peak efficiency for decades without the typical problems of wood and aluminum windows. There are a few reasons our vinyl windows are such a popular option with Houston homeowners.


When it comes to ease of use and functionality, our vinyl windows can’t be beat. If you’ve ever tried to clean wood or aluminum windows on the second story—you know it’s a cumbersome task. You’ve got to get out the ladder—and try not to fall off while you clean the glass. However, vinyl replacement windows in Houston homes from The Window Source are so much easier to clean. You can leave the ladder in the garage; your windows can be cleaned effortlessly from inside your home. It’s as simple as engaging the tilt latch to access the exterior of your window. When you choose our double-hung models, you get even more functionality that really matters. With the double hung, each sash moves independently. What does this mean for you? It means you can maximize airflow on cooler days. You open the top sash a bit and hot air, which rises, escapes out of the home. Meanwhile, you open the bottom sash a bit, and cool air from outside flows in. That added venting helps keep your home cooler and saves money by not having to use your AC as much. That is a huge benefit, especially here in Houston where the heat can build up indoors even on cooler days due to humidity. Increased airflow dissipates that humidity and lowers the temperature in your home.


Many people have the common misconception that vinyl windows are boring and have no style. Maybe in the 1970s yes. But then again, the 70s were over 50 years ago and a lot has changed. Vinyl windows have progressed both in functionality and aesthetics. Not only are our vinyl windows constructed of 100% virgin vinyl and won’t warp—but they also come in a variety of colors and finishes. Just like vinyl flooring has progressed to include finishes that look just like natural woodgrain, so have vinyl windows.

If you’re buying replacement windows in Houston, you definitely don’t want to have to keep up with maintaining them. Wood always needs painting, sanding, and other upkeep. With our vinyl windows, you can get a wood grain finish or color of your choice baked right in. That’s right, it will need no painting, no sanding—nothing more than a slight rinse from the hose to keep them clean. This advancement has been huge for homeowners who still want the traditional look of windows without the hassles. Don’t take our word for it, schedule a free consultation in the comfort of your home and take a look at some of our samples. You’ll see that vinyl windows are the future of replacement windows in Houston.

Maintenance Needs

Even though we’ve already touched on it, we can’t stress how important this advantage is. When you have wood windows you also have to keep up with them. Honestly, it can be a handful as moisture, extreme heat and cold, and UV rays wear wood windows down. Just the process of painting, which you’ll need to do every few years, is a huge task. First, you have to go around to each window and sand all the existing paint off. The average home in Houston has at least 12 windows! Already you’re looking at most of your day being consumed just with the sanding. Then, of course, you have to go to each window and apply primer—there goes another day. Finally, you paint all the windows and wait for them to dry—another day. Let’s not forget the cost of paint, supplies, and yeah, your valuable time. Hiring someone is just as taxing, you’re looking at an easy grand at least. So, your windows basically keep costing you money every few years. With vinyl, you don’t have to worry about any of that. The color of your order is permanent, and the finish you order is as well. They are virtually maintenance-free. Simply keep them clean and keep the channels free of debris and dust. It’s as easy as your normal cleaning routine.


If you want windows that can withstand Texas thunderstorms, our brutal summer heatwaves, and hail of biblical proportions, vinyl is your answer. This material is unique in that it offers enough flex for impact resistance but also retains its shape.

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If you’ve been shopping around Houston for the best replacement windows—you just found them. The Window Source stands behind every window we install—for life. Contact us today to schedule your free, in-home consultation so we can find the perfect windows for your lifestyle.

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