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What If Your Window Doesn’t Stay Up?

You probably have a problem with your balancer and should seek professional help to get it fixed. You can call The Window Source of Houston and we help solve that problem for you.

Whether you have original or replacement windows in Houston, sometimes things get out of adjustment. Double-hung windows are one of the most popular styles that we install. They’re easy to operate, offer great ventilation, and are easy to clean. However, sometimes we have clients that need help in operating their windows. Often it’s something minor like not knowing how double-hung windows work. Other times, the window is out of adjustment, and in rare cases, something in the mechanism has broken. Our windows are of the highest quality in the industry and come with a lifetime warranty. So in the rare case, one does have a problem—we get it taken care of. Even though problems with our windows are rare, the most common question we do get is when a window won’t stay up. The good news is that 90% of the time it is just debris or something interfering with the mechanism.

Double Hung Windows In Houston Not Staying Up?

When your windows won’t raise up and stay up, it can be a real nuisance as well as a safety issue. Fortunately, if you have our double-hung windows, we take care of the problem, even if it’s not mechanical.

However, what if you’re dealing with the original windows on your home and have no warranty? You want to be able to fix them or at least figure out the cause. The good news is even with other windows, most times, it is not related to a mechanical issue.

Even if it does turn out to be something mechanically wrong with the window, it’s an inexpensive problem to fix. It may not even require a window technician to come out to your home.

In fact, it also may not require any parts, just some cleaning supplies, a screwdriver, and your time.

Fixing A Window That Won’t Stay Up

Before you try to fix this issue on your own, consider that if your windows are over a decade old or you’re worried you might damage them—contact us. We do this for a living day in and day out. We’d hate for you to cause damage when it may be a simple fix.

On that note, if your windows are old and drafty, and continually having trouble staying up—contact us. We run specials on replacement double-hung windows in Houston all the time. Our windows boost the energy efficiency of your home and offer easy operation.

But, for now, let’s address your immediate issue with your windows and walk you through how to fix them easily.

Find the Balance

Double-hung windows are called that because they have two sashes. Each sash operates independently from the other in opposite directions on a pulley system within the frame.

Usually, when you have this problem it’s with the bottom sash. However, you can fix it just the same no matter which sash is malfunctioning.

Except for some minor component differences, all window designs are fairly the same. When a sash won’t stay up, it’s usually the result of the balancer being out of position.

The balancer is a component that is somewhat hidden from view within the window frame. It makes opening and closing the window sash easier and holds it in position. However, sometimes that balancer will slide out of position to the bottom.

Usually, it’s a result of putting too much force on your window when closing the window. The fix is as simple as putting it back in position, and we’ll tell you how.

Find The Tilt Pin And Unlock

Each of the sashes on a double-hung window tilts for easy cleaning but you have to unlock it with the tilt pin on both sides. The pins keep the window sash secure in place when you don’t need to tilt it in for cleaning.

They look slightly different depending on the windows you have but you pretty much know the part when you see it. Slide it until you feel the sash unlock. If the windows haven’t been unlocked in some time, they may be a little tight. A flathead screwdriver and some WD-40 should do the trick.

Correct The Balance Position

If your balancer has slid to the bottom of your window frame, simply reposition it upward about two inches from the sash. From there, relock the pin by doing the opposite of the first step.

Reposition The Bottom Sash

Now that the balancer has been positioned properly you need to align the window with it. Bring your window down to where you’ve positioned the balancer and tilt out the sash again to align the two. You want to tilt the sash until it’s perpendicular to the frame and let it rest on its own.

Bump the left and right sides of the sash with a bit of a firm hand but not too hard. This will knock them into alignment when you hear a slight click or pop. That is the sound of the pin and balancer locking back together.

Reset Everything

You’re in the home stretch now, just tilt the bottom sash back into the frame making sure the pins completely lock-in. Now, open and close your window and stop halfway open, if it stays in that position—it’s fixed!

The process when written out, sounds like it’s tedious or difficult, but in reality, it takes about five minutes max. If it doesn’t work the first time, start all over again. Sometimes, if the window has been out of balance for a long time, it can be stubborn but very fixable.

If it still doesn’t work then your balancer may have been broken but the parts are very inexpensive. However, if they are our windows, just give us a call and we’ll come out and repair it at no charge under our lifetime warranty commitment.

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