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Houston Replacement Impact Windows

New and Protective Impact Resistant Windows

The Houston area is well-known for having some of the most severe storms in Texas. Whether it’s a typical spring thunderstorm or a full-fledged tropical storm, you’ll need impact windows to keep your family safe. We get a lot of tropical storms because we’re so close to the Gulf of Mexico, which is a hotspot for hurricane activity. As a result, many Houston-area homes are located in designated “Hurricane Zones.” The Texas Department of Insurance has designated these areas as having specific building codes for homes. One of those codes addresses the need for specific building products designed to withstand hurricane-force winds. One of the requirements, unsurprisingly, is about windows.

Wind and Impact Resistance Features

Wind and Impact Resistance Are Important Features

The most important features of impact windows are resistance to flying debris and resistance to wind. When a home’s windows are compromised, air pressure can build up to the point where it can blow the roof off. In most cases, this results in the entire house being effectively leveled, which is extremely dangerous in any scenario.

Our windows are built to withstand strong winds, including hurricanes. Furthermore, flying debris—branches, objects, and more—accompanies wind and hurricane-level storms. Our storm windows in Houston homes keep flying debris and rain from penetrating the windows. This eliminates the need for unsightly and often cumbersome storm shutters or plywood boarding up.

These windows have been subjected to extreme stress tests in controlled labs under conditions that are equivalent to or exceed most hurricane-force winds. Our windows have been AAMA-certified for use in hurricane-prone areas.

AAMA Certified Impact Windows

Since 1962, the AAMA, or American Architectural Manufacturers Association, has provided performance ratings for windows. Not only is the certification program accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), but it also promotes the highest performance and quality standards for windows.

AAMA Certification Programs

  • Gold Label for air leakage, water infiltration, and structural performance
  • Silver Label for thermal performance
  • Insulating Glass Certification
  • Certifications for Mobile Home and Manufactured Housing
AAMA Certified Impact Windows

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Our Impact Windows are the Best

What Makes Our Impact Windows the Best?

Our windows are designed to meet the most stringent AAMA wind and impact resistance standards. In testing, for example, the windows were struck with common objects at speeds exceeding 30mph, and the weather barrier remained intact with no issues. Despite our proven results, we go above and beyond by providing one of the best impact window warranties in Houston. You can go over the warranty details with one of our window consultants to get a more in-depth understanding of the terms.

Built to Withstand the Storm

We will not accept anything less than the best hurricane performance. As a result, our windows are tested in storm conditions with wind speeds reaching 140 mph. In fact, our impact-resistant windows exceed the ASTM E1996 method’s standards. To comply with this method, windows must pass stringent testing, which includes the following:

  • Firing an eight-foot, nine-pound 2×4 wood beam from a cannon directly to the window
  • Positive and negative pressure cycling at 20-100% of the windows design pressure
  • Over 8,000 pressure cycles (4,500 positive and 4,500 negative specifically)

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Our impact-resistant windows are subjected to specialized testing that exceeds the requirements for AAMA certification. We want to make certain that we provide you with the toughest product on the market. Contact us today to get a quote for replacing the windows in your property with top-of-the-line impact windows.

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