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What Are The Best Windows To Put In Your House?

Really, only the homeowner can answer this question. It really depends on the priorities of the homeowner, be it aesthetics, security, or energy efficiency. The only way to know for sure what’s best is to get in touch with The Window Source to guide you through it.

If your windows are way past their prime and showing their age, you’d be doing yourself a favor by replacing them. Our double-pane windows are energy efficient and can reduce your electricity usage for cooling and heating. That means more money in your wallet every month and who doesn’t want that? Additionally, as a bonus, replacement windows in Houston homes—most importantly yours—add value and curb appeal, should you decide to sell.

However, choosing the right type of windows for your home can be a tall order. There are so many variations of replacement windows in Houston. You have choices to make in terms of style, features, and materials.

Naturally, with windows being such a significant investment that lasts up to 20 years—it’s a major decision. You’ll want to do some research so you don’t get stuck with windows you aren’t happy with. If you want a good starting point, keep reading. We’ll guide you through choosing the right replacement windows in Houston for your home.

Do You Need New or Replacement Windows In Houston?

This sounds like an odd question at first. However, when you learn the difference between new windows and replacement windows, you’ll get it. So, here’s the difference:

New Windows

New windows are what is typically installed when you want to alter the shape or size of your current window opening. This requires a contractor to create the new opening so that the window installer can install it in the new space.

The windows themselves are the same as replacement windows but the additional labor is where the difference in overall cost lies.  However, new windows do offer a significant advantage. You can give your home a brand-new look both inside and out. So, if you’re looking for a change but don’t want to absorb the cost of a full renovation—try it!

Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows in Houston homes is much simpler and less expensive overall as the labor cost is less. With replacements, we simply remove your old windows from the frame without altering them. Then, we put in a brand-new window specifically designed for your existing opening, for a perfect fit. Again, replacement windows cost the same for the window, but the installation requires less labor. Therefore, with less labor, it means you save money on the installation.

This is an ideal option when your current window frames are in good shape, and your trim is too and complements your style. Depending on the style of the window, most replacements come in a universal fit size, or they can be custom-made to fit your dimensions.

Choosing The Right Type Of Replacement Windows In Houston

Once you decide to move forward with new or replacement windows in Houston, you have to choose a window type. Yes, more decisions but these are some of the most important ones you will make so the juice is worth the squeeze. There are many different types of windows— but let’s just take a look at the four most popular types.

  • Single & Double Hung Windows: These account for about 95% of the windows we install every day. They are pretty similar in construction and operation with one significant difference. They are comprised of two separate sashes that open and close vertically. With double-hung windows, each sash moves independently of the other for venting at the top or the bottom. With a single hung, only the bottom sash opens and closes. Double hung are especially useful in homes with small children. You can open the top without worrying about a child closing the window on their hand or climbing out.
  • Casement Windows: These windows are popular with homeowners with unique custom-built homes. However, they can be added to any home if you have the contractor to do it. These have one big sash that’s hinged on the vertical and swings out to open. Usually, you do this with a crank lever to swing out and close.  They’re also popular in older beachfront homes.
  • Awning Windows: Awning windows are named as such as they are hinged from the top and open tilting the sash outward from the bottom. They resemble an awning when fully extended and are also popular in beachfront homes.
  • Slider Windows: As the name implies, these windows slide on an inline track. Often, they are used as an alternative to single and double-hung windows when space is limited.

Window Frame and Sash Materials

After choosing the type of window the next decision comes down to what the sash and frame are made of. Today, the most popular material of choice is vinyl, and accounts for over 90% of the windows we install. However, when installing in a historical home, often owners will want wood to keep with the period. There are also wood-clad options that have a wood frame with a vinyl veneer that resembles wood.

Vinyl, however, is the king of replacement windows in Houston but let’s take a look at the other materials anyway.

  • Wood Windows: Wood is no doubt beautiful and is a good insulator against heat and cold. However, with wood comes serious maintenance and risk of rot among other potential issues such as being the most expensive.
  • Vinyl Windows: Vinyl windows have become the go-to for replacement windows from homeowners all over Texas. However, in Houston, they’re most popular because of their low maintenance. They don’t warp or rot like wood and in this humid climate that’s always a risk. Vinyl is also much more affordable than wood and insulates very well. You won’t have to paint it or any maintenance other than a light spray down here and there.
  • Vinyl Clad Windows: A hybrid of wood and vinyl, these windows give you beautiful wood inside with a vinyl veneer on the exterior. This gives you the low maintenance benefit of vinyl with the natural feel of wood.

Good Glass Is Key

In window composition, the final decision is choosing good glass for your windows. There have been so many leaps in technology with window glass. So, now you have more choices than ever besides just the number of panes.

You could have 1 pane or 4 panes and the insulation ability wouldn’t change, it’s the air trapped between that insulates. But there is a better way to insulate than just using pockets of air.

Good quality windows like what we install, trap an inert gas between each pane, usually argon. This gas insulates far better than just using air.

  • Low Emissivity (Low-E) Glass: Low-E glass is glass with a thin film permanently sealed onto the surface. It’s completely invisible but reduces the amount of heat that comes through the glass from UV rays.
  • Impact Resistant Glass: You’ve seen it before; you’re outside mowing the yard and hit a rock. The rock goes flying and hits the house. It’s only a matter of the odds, that it will eventually hit your window and shatter it. In Houston, where we have biblical-size hailstorms all the time, impact-resistant glass is a great option. Even if something does break your window it won’t send dangerous glass shards flying all over the room.

The Best Replacement Windows In Houston Are Here

When choosing windows, you have so many options to choose from and many different installers. However, when you want the best replacement windows this city has to offer you call The Window Source.

We have been serving this great city for years with the best replacement windows made right here in Texas. These windows are specifically made for our climate zone with features that make your home more efficient. You spend less on electricity and overall enjoy the boosted value and curb appeal.

Contact us today and book a free window consultation in your home and start saving now with The Window Source of Houston!

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