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How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last?

Typically, about 20-40 years. Our windows carry a lifetime warranty on workmanship and the windows. Some shady areas may last a little longer, in direct sunlight, they might be on the latter, 20 years. But again, we have a lifetime warranty on our products.

For most homeowners when it comes time to replace old windows, options for vinyl windows in Houston are plentiful.  An affordable option to more expensive replacement windows such as composite or wood, vinyl is an attractive alternative.

However, not all vinyl windows are created equal—the old saying, “you get what you pay for,” rings true. Sure, you may get those flyers in the mail that advertise vinyl windows in Houston for “$99 a window.” However, be wary of those offers as the price rarely ends up being what they advertise. Also, even if that is the price, the windows are typically very low quality, and not energy efficient at all.

Quality vinyl windows in Houston will never be $99, it’s a completely unrealistic price. Quality windows start with quality materials and energy-efficient features such as gas-filled double panes. They should also come standard with a warranty that offers at least 15 years of coverage or better.

For example, vinyl windows from The Window Source of Houston automatically come with a no-gimmick, lifetime warranty on workmanship, and windows. So, if 20 years from now your window has a mechanical failure, we fix it or replace it—PERIOD.

But, if you want to understand the longevity of good vinyl windows, you need to understand what makes good vinyl windows. What affects their lifespan, and what advantages vinyl windows bring to your home.

How Long Do Our Vinyl Windows In Houston Last?

We only install top-quality windows that are manufactured right here in the United States, keeping jobs here for Americans. Because they are so carefully crafted and built for longevity, they can easily last from 20-40 years with proper care as David mentioned. However, even if something happens to go wrong—you’re covered for life. Our lifetime warranty ensures that your investment will not go wasted as we stand behind our product 100%.  Our windows are also built according to specifications that are tailored around our unique and often harsh climate.

Built For Texas Heat And Storms

Houston has a unique climate. It’s deathly hot in summer, then we have tropical storms, and the humidity is non-stop. All of these factors can destroy a cheap vinyl window within just 12 months of exposure. You see this happen often with the aforementioned “$99 windows” because they’re generic. They are made one way and shipped all over the country not taking into account unique climates in every region.

So, how can a window that works well in the harsh winters and mild summers of Maine, be well-suited for Texas heat? Simple, it can’t. Vinyl windows in Houston are a specific formulation of vinyl as well as weather-stripping and seals. They are built to take the heat and humidity, without breaking down from it. In actuality, windows that try to be universal to everyone, will also lack in performance for many people as well.

When you buy these universal, cheap vinyl windows in Houston you often end up with major issues such as:

  • Insufficient UV light filtration, causing home interiors to fade
  • Unstable humidity levels
  • Condensation which leads to mold and mildew
  • Your HVAC being overworked due to cheap glass
  • Cracked and worn out seals due to the heat

When we listed the requirements for our windows that we install in customer’s homes we drew from personal experience. Constant 100 degree streaks in summer, violent thunderstorms, high winds, and hail. Those considerations go into the windows we have manufactured for us to be able to stand up to Houston’s climate.

How Does Our Climate Impact Cheap Vinyl Windows In Houston?

Even when the weather in Houston is more on the mild side many of the cheap vinyl windows you see still fail. That is because in addition to being a “one size fits all” solution, they are made with low-grade materials. They make them to just barely meet Houston building codes but the glass is cheap, the hardware is flimsy, and the seals are weak as can be. The conditions in Houston stunts these cheap windows lifespan severely due to:

Hail & Thunderstorms

Houston has some pretty wicked storms—Harvey, Allison, even remnants of Katrina. When these types of weather systems bring hail, they BRING HAIL and high winds. However, quality vinyl windows such as the ones we install—will withstand the onslaught. But, those $99 windows, endure a beatdown and then there goes your investment.

High Humidity

Houston might as well be considered a tropical destination given the abundance of rain and humidity year-round. That kind of constant humidity will wear down cheap windows in a heartbeat from water and mildew damage. However, when you have quality windows that are built for Houston conditions, you are protected.

UV Ray Exposure

Our windows are made from superior materials and designed for the Texas heat. That’s why they can easily last up to 40 years with good care. However, the cheap windows you see advertised—you guessed it, they might make it through two summers if you’re lucky. They also do a poor job of filtering out UV rays due to substandard coatings.

What About Other Materials For Windows?

When it comes to the choice of materials for windows, vinyl is hands-down the most popular. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options. They each have their pros and cons, but when considering the balance of longevity, affordability, and variety, vinyl is hard to beat. You can take a quick look at the other options and decide for yourself though.

Wood Windows

Wood is the classic, it’s been around for hundreds of years, and believe it or not, still is a preferred option—for specific homes. Mainly, wood is good for homes that have historical significance such as architectural features. For example, if you own a Victorian home that has been restored down to the siding, vinyl windows are not going to match. There is however a tradeoff for going with wood—they’re inefficient, last about 10 years or less in Houston, and they can rot or warp. Not to mention, with the season changes wood expands and contracts, making windows hard to open. Vinyl windows don’t rot, aren’t affected by extreme temperatures, and therefore last upwards of 40 years with proper maintenance.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows come a bit closer to vinyl windows in terms of lifespan—it can be equal, they’re not durable. Because aluminum is relatively weak, it can easily be damaged during a heavy storm or by hail. We all know Houston thunderstorms are guaranteed to have hail, high winds, or both, so imagine weak aluminum trying to make it through that. Often, the windows get ripped right off the frame in high-wind situations. Vinyl windows are unaffected by Houston storm systems and maintain their integrity.

Fiberglass Composite Windows

Now, this is the only material that can potentially best vinyl windows in terms of lifespan. They can last up to 10 years longer than vinyl. For only the potential of 10 extra years more than vinyl, you will pay a much higher price. Fiberglass windows aren’t manufactured as widely as vinyl is. Additionally, the installation is more complex which adds to the cost.

How Can You Get The Best Vinyl Windows In Houston?

Choosing the right window material, style, and special features can be quite confusing and tedious. If you just want to make sure your home has the best windows for your budget—contact us. One of our window consultants can take a look at your home at no cost to you. They’ll demonstrate our windows for you, as well as present you with all your options.

If you’re ready to make an investment in your home that will give you a solid return, contact us today! We’ll get your free window consultation scheduled ASAP.

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