When Do You Need Replacement Windows?

Replacement Windows

Reasons to Install New Windows

The Window Source has been helping Houston homeowners upgrade their homes with replacement windows for more than a decade, and a common question we encounter is, “When do you need replacement windows?”. It’s never the wrong time to replace your windows to improve curb appeal or add conveniences to your home, but if home maintenance is your goal, age is the number on consideration.

• Replacing Windows Due to Age

Perhaps the most common mistake homeowners make is waiting for their windows to fail before replacing them. The issue here is that windows can be inefficient and cost you money long before obvious failure occurs. What we recommend is proactive replacement based on the expected lifespan of your current windows. For the average window, the 20-year mark is typically the right time to replace. You should also watch for signs that your windows are failing sooner than expected, such as drafts, excess condensation, loud external noises, and non-superficial damage to the frames or panes.

• Drafts and Condensation

Draftiness and excess condensation are important considerations for homeowners concerned with when you need replacement windows. You can try replacing the weather-stripping if the windows are still reasonably new, but if that doesn’t work, it’s time to replace them. The EPA estimates that inefficient windows can account for 25% or more of your heating and cooling costs, so the savings will be significant and help to offset the investment. You can offset it further by choosing new energy-efficient windows that are ENERGY STAR certified and take advantage of a federal tax credit.

• Loud Noises From Outside

Typically, window panes will become inefficient long before the frames actually give out, and one of the most obvious signs that your panes aren’t insulating as well as they used to is loud noises from outside. If you’re hearing vehicles and voices in a way that you never did before, it could be due to the glass. Another sign that the panes aren’t insulating as well as they once did is glass that is cool or warm to the touch.

• Damage to Frames or Panes

Another answer to “When do you need replacement windows?”, is when there is non-superficial damage to either the panes or frames. If the glass is cracked, it generally can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced. Likewise, damage to the frame can lead to significant energy loss, inconvenience, and reduced home security. We recommend replacing any windows that are hard to open or close, difficult to clean, or which you can no longer secure.

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